Charleswood Corner Lot Infill

This is a two storey single detached residence with an attached garage. The two storey portion is at the west end of the lot to follow the regular building massing along the street. This property is on a corner lot with a very long north facing side yard which has views to an open green space. Therefore, the design responds to the unique corner lot condition by essentially giving the house two front elevations, one facing west and one facing north to benefit the streetscape all the way around the corner.

The design incorporates low profile roofs to reduce the massing of the house to make it not as imposing on the adjacent bungalow to the south. The front entrance orients itself to the north side elevation facing the green space which is typical of the neighbourhood for corner lots. The garage has been integrated into the design of the new home so that it does not dominate the streetscape.

Internally the staircase is a feature right at the corner, providing views to the greenspace. The formal dining room has a vaulted ceiling with views to the street and to the backyard. The Living Room and Kitchen are open to each other and can make use of either a south or west facing patio depending on the angle of the sun.

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