Public buildings require contract documents that are signed and sealed by licensed professionals. For building construction, architects and engineers are required to produce the design and contract documents to the satisfaction of the client and the authority having jurisdiction (i.e. City of Calgary, Permit Pro etc.). These drawings and specifications are then used by the General Contractor for bidding and for actual construction.

For these building types I can work as a Prime Consultant, Architectural Consultant or Project Management Consultant depending on the type of services you are looking for. Regardless of the role I have to play in your project one thing is consistently clear: I have an ethical and contractual obligation to defend your best interest in the project. I work to maximize the value of your financial investment.

Prime Consultant

Dame Architecture Inc. provides Prime Consulting Services. In this role I personally lead the architectural design team and coordinate with my sub-consultants such as the structural, mechanical, electrical and building envelope engineering consultants. For the typical project, the services include:

  • Pre-Design
  • Schematic design (conceptual sketch options)
  • Design Development
  • Development Permit Application (includes corresponding with City officials)
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Building Permit Application
  • Manage inquiries from bidding contractors
  • Review contractor submittals and shop drawings
  • Work collaboratively with the contractor to help with any issues during construction
  • Coordination with sub-consultants
  • Coordination with suppliers as requested by the client or contractor
  • Interior Design
  • Site Planning & Design
  • Sustainable design and concept implementation

Architectural Consultant

When full Prime Consultant services are not required, I can provide any combination of the services listed above to suit your project’s requirements. In addition, my skills permit me to provide additional services such as:

  • Building Code Analysis and + solutions/recommendations
  • Accessibility for barrier-free requirements for public buildings
  • Consulting for miscellaneous code compliance issues for existing buildings
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Functional Programming (space needs assessment and report)
  • User Group Facilitation
  • Master Planning
  • Sustainable Design Concept and Implementation

Project Management Consultant

Sometimes I am hired to represent the Owner in a project that already has a Prime Consultant for a construction project. I also work in this role on projects where there might be limited architectural work but someone is needed to coordinate the engineering consultants, property manager and the contractors.



Public Buildings (including Commercial,
Recreational and Institutional projects)

For these project types my corporation, Dame Architecture Inc. is engaged as a Prime Consultant, Architectural Consultant or a Project Management Consultant.

As a Prime Consultant, the fees extend beyond architectural services and include those of my structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering sub-consultants. Fees for the Landscape Architect, Acoustical Consultant, Building Envelope or Environmental Engineering Consultant are also included as well as any other specialists that have been identified. Typically the fee will be a percentage based fee in accordance with the recommended fee guidelines from the Alberta Association of Architects which follows a scale that takes into account the type of building, new or renovation and the complexity of the project.

As an Architectural Consultant, my fees correspond to hourly rates for the type of task that is being performed. A fixed fee can be determined if the scope of work can be adequately defined.

As a Project Management Consultant my fees correspond to an hourly or fixed fee upon consultation with the client.