Modern Farmhouse

This farmhouse was originally conceived as a renovation to an existing bi-level house with an attached garage. The design evolved to a very modern aesthetic and it was deemed more economical to sell the house and garage by lifting them off the foundation and constructing a new split level house on the existing foundation.

This farmhouse is located on a spectacular piece of agricultural land west of Lacombe in central Alberta. There is open prairie farmland to the south and a thick forest to the north and west of the house.

The basement of the house has been converted into an apartment for guests. The main floor has been developed on a very open floor plan concept conducive for entertaining.
The second storey above the garage contains the private areas of the house with bedrooms and bathrooms.

The design creates a tower section between the split levels of the house with an angled wing wall which will make the house visible from the road and provide a strong vertical element.

The design moved the garage entrance to the side elevation for aesthetic and functional reasons and a large carport has been created in close proximity to the front entrance.

The back of the house has the best views and is serviced by a large screened/covered porch and a large deck.

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