Charleswood Split Level

The goal for this project was to improve the “curb appeal” from the street. An existing addition built in the 1980s created a two storey window projection that was out of scale with the house. The owners wanted to play down this projection and enhance the front entry to the home.

I changed the gable roof on the projection to a hip roof to match the other roofs and two separate windows were installed for the living room and the master bedroom above. Inside, the floor for the master bedroom was taken to the exterior wall of the projection while previously it had a loft condition to the living room below. A new roof canopy with soffit lighting accentuates the main entry with natural stone to add texture and interest to the elevation. The front entry doors and glass blocks were replaced with a new wood door and sidelight with reeded glass.

Several colour studies were developed prior to final selection of the exterior finishes.



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