Charleswood Mid-Century Modern

One of the main goals of this project was to develop a two storey, four bedroom house that is sensitive to its neighbours and improves the streetscape.

This property has a significant side slope from west to east (along the street frontage) as well as a significant slope from north to south which results in a walk-out basement condition. The family room, main mud room and play room are at the basement level with easy access to the children’s school just across the rear lane.

The garages are within the footprint of the house and are stacked one above the other with the upper one accessed from the street and the lower one accessed from the rear lane. This allows for better views from the house and minimizes the lot coverage. This is the first redevelopment in the neighbourhood that results in less lot coverage than the original house.

The interior spaces were arranged to maximize the views and natural light throughout the house. The kitchen serves not only it’s traditional role but as a central meeting place for the family and an area where the children can work on their crafts and homework. The island has both table height and counter height areas.

While new infill developments typically dominate the streetscape, the design for this house is friendly to it’s neighbours. The new low-sloped roofs echo the roof line of the original house on the property. The architecture of this house is completely contextual to the mid-century post and beam architecture that is common throughout the community.