Bridgeland Semi-Detached Residence

The site for this development is on a residential street in the community of Bridgeland that is undergoing transition from original single family houses built in the early 1900s to new developments with a higher density.


The city bylaw allows for a third storey but to make the scale of the project more in keeping with the existing context, the third floor is set back significantly which helps it to read as a two storey structure and creates a roof top terrace to enjoy the sunshine and view of the park to the west and Calgary’s downtown skyline.


The footprint for each of the units is 700 s.f. and they have been staggered by 6’ to read as separate units and not as an apartment building.  The entrance for unit ‘B’ is recessed and breaks up the front building mass even further.  Large windows, projections and using two different cladding systems helps to create visual interest and break up any large expanses of wall.  The design for this semi-detached development is sensitive to its surroundings while providing a higher density residential use on the street.