Welcome to my Website!

Why has it taken so long?

The real reason is procrastination. While I concede that marketing and administrative tasks are vital for a small business, my passion lies with the project work and that is where I like to put my energy.

Finally, I made it my New Year’s Resolution for my business to get a website up and running this year. See how good I am at procrastination? It is now December… Since I am very “deadline oriented” this is the only way it was going to happen. I have since dedicated someone to update and add to the content on the site so that it will continue to improve with time.

A heartfelt thanks to current and former clients, colleagues, consultants, classmates, friends and family who have encouraged me in my work over the years. I feel blessed to work in a field that crosses the social, cultural, technical and aesthetic disciplines.

Special thanks to Alexandra Harle for the website design and to Mara Osis for all the good advice along the way.

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