In the same way that building construction is a linear process, so is design. The architectural solution might end up switching gears along the way if there is a change in the original project goals but I always work hard to achieve the deliverables on a schedule that meets your construction start date.

My Ten Step Design Process

  1. Initial (free) consultation:
    1. Direct, face to face communication with the client
    2. Site visit and review of available documents and drawings
  2. Define project goals, budget and a team of people to execute the project
  3. Develop a work plan and schedule with a fee breakdown for the client’s review and approval
  4. Written Client/Consultant Agreement
  5. Pre-Design:
    1. Drawings of the existing building are prepared (As-Builts) on electronic format
    2. A Site Survey drawing is prepared by a Professional Survey Consultant (if required)
  6. Collaborative design process:
    1. Conceptual ideas are presented
    2. A design direction is chosen
    3. Architectural solution is developed through drawings to the client’s satisfaction
    4. Collaborate with engineering consultants as required
    5. Coordinate information between client, user groups, property managers and other stakeholders as required
  1. Development Permit Application (if required)
  2. Preparation of Contract Documents (drawings and specifications) for construction and for Building Permit Application
  3. Contractor bidding:
    1. Respond to questions regarding the drawings and specifications
    2. Provide advice to the client for contractor selection
  4. Construction:
    1. Perform regular site reviews and record meeting minutes with action items
    2. Respond to requests from the contractor and the client on a timely basis
    3. Coordinate issues with engineering consultants as required