I approach every project with an open mind. I am interested in learning the background that led to your need or desire to make improvements to an existing structure or to construct a new building. I don’t impose a specific architectural style in my work. Rather, I look for inspiration from the existing building or project site and take cues from you. Ultimately the solution pulls together the aesthetic, functional and technical aspects that allow a building to really work for its occupants while enhancing the streetscape.

When selecting an Architect or Consultant, a strong working relationship is key. I think it is important to take the time to find an Architect or Consultant who you feel confortable with and who you believe has your best interest at heart. Of course I would like you to consider me for your project but if you have any difficulty in finding out about other architects for consideration, I can assist you with that as well. I have a broad network of friends and colleagues in the industry and I believe that there is enough work out there for all of us. Together we can make better communities, one building at a time.

After years of experience working as a Prime Consultant with various architectural firms on public building projects, it has been an eye opener to work in residential design and construction where some people believe that their project isn’t “worthy” of an Architect’s involvement. This is a public perception that I really want to change. I believe that every space matters. Many Architects love working on small projects. I endeavour to make the services of an Architect easily accessible and affordable.